Department of Nuclear Medicine, the Dr. Władysław Biegański Regional Specialist Hospital in Grudziążdz (Poland)

Our team

The doctors working in nuclear medicine should have not only big medical knowledge, but also technical skills... smile
Nasi lekarze naprawiaj�cy nasz tomograf ...
Our doctors "repairing" our tomograph SPECT/CT (it does not mean that the device is always broken )

Stanisław Pilecki, M.D., Ph.D. - the Head of th Department
dr n. med. Krzysztof Łuka, M.D., Ph.D. - certified nuclear medicine specialist
Cyprian Świętaszczyk, M.D. - certified nuclear medicine specialist
Marta Grabowska, M.D. - physician, assistant
Joanna Lanowska, M.Sc. - laboratory diagnostician, radiopharmacist
Barbara Knopp - nurse
Ewelina Pukłacka - technician
Marlena Chabowska-Zygadło - technician
Małgorzata Roczniak - assisting personal
Eugeniusz Nadolski, M.Sc. - physicist, radiation safety inspector

Our equipment

Our hybrid-tomograph SPECT/CT... - Symbia-T
Radiopharmaceutical laboratory

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